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  • Who can shop at Skyline Flower Growers?
    Those who hold a Wholesale Lisence or Resellers Permit in the state of Washington, Oregon, Idaho or Montana are able to regularly purchase with us! To learn more about registering to become a customer with us, please visit our registration page.
  • Where do you deliver?
    We deliver throughout the state of Washington, Idaho, Montana + Eastern Oregon.
  • What is your credit/return policy?
    Our flowers and greens are living & breathing and traveling from areas around the world. Occasionally or rarely quality can deteriorate due to factors outside of all of our control. In the case of flowers arriving with quality issues, we ask for our customers to notify us within 24 hours so we solve the issue and either get replacements out or issue appropriate credits in a timely manner Thank you for following our policy! To learn more and read our official policy included within our customer application, click here
  • Can I book a standing order?
    Absolutely! Standing orders are welcomed and recommended for those who purchase the same flowers and plants regularly. Email our sales team at to set up your standing order today!
  • How do I place an order?
    After registering as a customer through our system, you are able to place an order by either: Online form Phone: 509-495-1275 Email:
  • How far in advance do i need to order flowers?
    For last minute orders, we are able to pull items from what is available in stock. If your needs are specific and/or larger, we recommend placing an order 1-3 weeks in advance to ensure that we are able to prepare proper quantities.
  • Can you recommend a florist who can help me with floral arrangements?
    Absolutely! We have plenty of amazing florists in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana that we would be happy to connect you with. Whether it's a wedding, holiday or celebration, we would be happy to find the closest florist to you who would be able to assist.
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